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It’s more than just distribution.
It’s about the network effect.
We'll connect you to the right places and people.
Every new brand brings value for each retailer.
Connecting you to a whole new network.
Take care and manage with peace of mind.

Connecting brands, retailers, investors alike.

Today, we’re a leading statewide distribution and logistics company but we’ve stayed true to our original mission of being a network that connects like-minded cannabis entrepreneurs: growers, retailers, marketers, manufacturers, data geeks, extractors, soil scientists, lawyers, investors, and more – all coming together to help each other. For thousands of folks whose businesses we touch and connect Calyx is more than a distributor – we’re a cannabis community.

Compliance and Taxation

Becoming and remaining compliant can be confusing, expensive, and timely. Our in-house experts partner with you to work through the complex regulations and ensure everything is 100% compliant.


Listen. Analyze. Recommend. That’s our sales team’s approach. They work with you to make sure you have the right brands in your stores, for your unique clientele.


We have the resources to manage the complex supply chain network, from laboratory testing to legal requirements to logistics support in our warehouses. The end result? Consistent, on time, dependable deliveries you can count on.

The Network Effect

Selling and fulfilling products is only the first step. The scale of our network means we do that and connect you to the most valuable players in the cannabis industry – from growers, contract manufacturers and infrastructure providers to investors, retailers and more – so your business can grow.


Calyx Brands

Calyx Brands started as the Cannabis Rep Network (CRN) in 2015 to help brands get their products into more dispensaries for a fraction of the cost and time of building a sales team.

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Your cannabis community is waiting! Whether you want to get your brand in more dispensaries, or you want more brands in your dispensary, or much more, contact us to get it started.