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There’s no denying this business is complex, given the legal and compliance hurdles cannabis companies face on a daily basis. Regulations are different based on location or product and they’re constantly changing which can make it difficult for you to stay up to date.

That’s why our on-staff compliance experts partner with you to ensure that every brand we work with is 100% compliant with local and state regulations, from testing and packaging to compliant transportation, delivery and tax collection and remittance. Further, we stay constantly abreast of regulation changes to help you do the same.


Our account executives undergo extensive training before they ever represent your brand or walk into your dispensary:

  • Cannabis chemistry & biology
  • Retail & consumer trends
  • Product training
  • Sales training
  • Factoid: Since 2015, we’ve helped multiple brands expand from fewer than 20 dispensaries to nearly 200 in less than one year.


When you combine human knowledge and advanced distribution technology, you get the most responsive distributors in the industry.

Over the past three years, we’ve invested millions of dollars building the infrastructure required to manage a complex supply chain for growers, manufacturers, and retailers. In this industry, you need a lot of resources – both human and infrastructure – in order to stand up to the challenges of supporting statewide sales for multiple brands, at scale, in a fully compliant and transparent manner. We take care of everything from product pickup to compliant testing, warehousing, statewide transportation, on-time fulfillment/local delivery, cash management, tax collection and remittance.

Our logistics professionals and systems mean retailers never worry about empty shelves or lost sales. And growers/manufacturers never worry about stale or damaged products, over/under orders, or late deliveries. We make it easy for both manufacturers and retailers to meet your consumers’ needs.

We take care of the logistics so you can take care of your business.