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ST IDES made its initial debut in the late ’80’s as a top selling malt liquor. In the ’90’s, during the golden age of hip hop, ST IDES became an icon of the streets. The signature ‘crooked I’ got its bold reputation from its iconic partnerships with the forefathers of modern hip-hop including Biggie, Tupac, Cypress Hill, Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube. Three decades later, ST IDES now stands as a symbol of rebellion and those who help define it. ST IDES tobacco-free blunts are the first iconic American brand in cannabis. In nitrogen-flushed, resealable tin two-packs (1.5 grams) and five-packs (3.75 grams) with branded reusable wooden tips provided to retailers free with purchase, ST IDES blunts are 100% indoor flower–no stems, no seeds–rolled into tobacco-free hemp leaf paper, allowing for a slower, more consistent burn. The hit is heavy, the product isn’t for everyone, but for those looking for a strong buzz who resonate with everything the ST IDES brand stands for, there will soon be no substitute.



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